Who does Dr Garfield work with?

Dr Garfield provides individual sessions for up to seven people in any given week.  She only takes on clients who are who are very highly committed to finishing what they start. Male or female, Shoshana will only work with someone who displays sufficient mettle, and is someone that she knows she can really ‘get behind’. This may not be someone who people think of as ‘nice’ – that is not her criteria.

Can Dr Garfield help me?

Dr Garfield has worked with special forces veterans and senior executives alike. She has decades of experience in helping people get their lives back on track, including her own! There is absolutely nothing you can bring or divulge that would be ‘too much’ for her to hear. And don’t worry, you and her won’t need to dissect your childhood, or do any touchy-feely psychotherapy. And it may take a lot less time than you think. It might even be fun.

What are Dr Garfield's fees?

Dr Garfield provides a highly exclusive, effective service and this is reflected in the high-fee bracket. She reserves two charitable spaces, with preference given to veterans and active military personnel.

Are Dr Garfield's services tax deductible?

Yes, as long as it is work-related, and it usually is, even if you start with a personal issue.  In cases where HR is arranging payment for Dr Garfield’s services, strict confidentiality of content will be absolutely maintained. Additionally, any reports requested by the company and agreed by the client will be vetted by the client before submission.