Dr Shoshana Garfield

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–  – Dr Shoshana Garfield


The most common issues that will come for you are:

– Stress / Anxiety / Depression

– Work Fiasco

– Divorce / Infidelity

– Grief / Loss / Catastrophic Illness

– Crisis of Meaning/Purpose

The effect they have on you, your staff or your family will always have a far-reaching impact on your life, relationships and business. Tempers flaring, poor decisions, super-star staff quitting, poor quality output or low confidence in your workforce and in relationships all cause damage from which it can take a long time to recover. These situations limit effective business and quality of life – affecting even the best of us.

Dr Garfield has over 25 years experience at dramatically reducing the negative impact such events have on the emotions and capabilities of her clients; helping them achieve an enhanced emotional skill set and improved peak performance. By developing new tools and working correctly with emotional traumas, clients gain extremely powerful, new, transferable skill sets for all areas of life: better focus, greater intuition, enhanced creativity and emotional resilience.



Dr Garfield has a Ph.D. in Psychology from London South Bank University (2007) and is psychoanalytically trained (The Arbours, 2002). She is NOT a clinical psychologist or member of the UKCP or BACP and has no intention of being so.  She is an Advanced Practitioner and Trainer of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), an Advanced NLP Practitioner, and a Certified Psychoanalytic Energy Psychology Practitioner. She sits on the Training and Executive Boards and serves a Vice Chair of the largest international associative body for EFT, AAMET.

Dr Garfield speaks regularly at international psychology conferences as well as mentoring coaches and therapists, and delivers corporate workshops on Anti-Stress Training and Success and Team Building as well as professional presentations which include attachment theory, resilience and trauma relief. She is a resilience trainer for Achilles Initiative, a company that trains aid workers posted to hot spots abroad and she has trained clinical psychologists, UKCP and BACP registered psychotherapists and supervisors, and NHS staff.

Dr Garfield has appeared on television in the UK (ITV, Channel 4), Canada, Germany, India and China, and has also been on BBC Radio multiple times. Her YouTube channel has had over a quarter of a million views and her articles have appeared in The Church Times and The Guardian. She is currently writing a book with the title: ‘The smart person’s guide to BIG FAT LIES about suffering, stress and happiness’.