There are many, many counsellors, coaches, and therapists in the marketplace each of whom offers different techniques, different philosophies, different qualifications and different methods of working. Some are truly great, some are not as competent as they need to be, and many are simply just ok.

As a potential client looking for exceptional service and durable outcomes, or as an executive coach seeking to refer a valued client, the choices are extensive. Who do you turn to if one of the really good therapists could not help you or your client? Who do you trust with the unwanted habits, counter-productive behaviours, unpleasant feelings which keep catching you, or your client, out and which no amount of “positive thinking” or SMART goals or coaching have managed to resolve?

Remember King Edward from “The Kings’ Speech”? He had the resources to try every single speech therapist out there and was willing to pay whatever it cost to get the results he wanted, and yet no one could help him. That is, until he finally discovered Lionel Logue, a pioneering speech therapist with the challenging but effective answers King Edward had been looking for all along.

Mission Statement

Dr. Shoshana Garfield’s mission is to provide outstandingly successful remedies to clients whose professional or personal lives have been:

  • Blighted by bullying: either as a victim or a perpetrator
  • Stifled by personal issues: including childhood traumas and present day compulsions or addictions
  • Sabotaged by habits or communication patterns which seem natural to them, but which get in the way of clean, productive dialogue and which are actually unhelpful, and perhaps even destructive, to their lives and careers
  • Frustrated, may be even to crisis point, by not being able to find practitioners with the right kinds of expertise to support them as they make changes to their lives

Dr Garfield provides senior executives, people at work and members of the public with confidential, independent treatment to heal issues which impede the quality of their lives and undermine their workplace performance.

Dr Garfield’s Approach

Like Lionel Logue of The King’s Speech, Dr Garfield’s combination of methods is backed by decades of field-testing and can appear unorthodox. But what she does works. Her unique blend of methods delivers unprecedented outcomes. Her methods create dramatic and profound improvements in clients who have found other more mainstream methods to be ineffective. Demotivated, overly aggressive or underperforming clients experience restoration of their full emotional and psychological health. They return to their loved ones and work colleagues with greater self-awareness, a wider range of intra-personal and inter-personal skills, and with increased resilience and appetite for their work.

Services for Members of the Public

Dr Garfield works with members of the public, many of whom have already tried other therapists or coaches but not found the help they need. Dr Garfield’s unique approach, skills and knowledge enable her to work safely and effectively with complex, multiple traumatic experiences. She is able to bring genuine and lasting relief to clients who have struggled to cope with the debilitating consequences of deep seated issues, and who have been discouraged by other practitioners’ well-intentioned but ineffective attempts to assist them.

Partnership with Executive Coaches

Dr Garfield also works in partnership with executive coaches savvy enough to know when they encounter an issue that is beyond their remit. These are the coaches at the top of their game who are highly successful at what they do. They introduce their clients to Dr Garfield, and work with her to structure her involvement with their client. Typically, executive coaching continues alongside a short-term engagement with Dr Garfield. Alternatively, an executive coach will refer their client to Dr Garfield towards the end of the executive coaching so that the client can extend the work which has already been done and create even richer outcomes by working on deeper issues. In some circumstances, clients work with Dr Garfield for six months or more when they need to address many longstanding personal and professional issues. Successful and complete resolution of all these issues is assured as long as the client maintains their commitment to the process of the work. Dr Garfield also works as a coach to executive coaches who make their professional development a priority and want to improve their own offer to their clients.

Why Do Dr Garfield’s Methods Work?

Dr Garfield believes that any experience, no matter how overwhelming or long ago it occurred, can be processed and released completely. She works with clients whose experiences of childhood have left them without the degree of assertive independence that is the hallmark of mature adulthood, and which is critical for effective leadership and healthy private relationships. One of her aims with these clients is to enable them to develop a high degree of resilience such that they can perform consistently well in positions which carry significant responsibility. She also works with clients who have had experiences of trauma, including torture and sustained abuse; and with clients with PTSD (e.g. post-traumatic flashbacks) from childhood, school, civilian work or combat experiences. With all of her clients she is able to create a depth of connection that is transforming for each of them, and which enables them to overcome ingrained and, sometimes, seemingly intractable issues in their lives.

Dr Garfield works from a number of fundamental principles:

  • Confidentiality:

    o Discretion with Content: What clients say to her is completely confidential on principle. Moreover, some of the issues which are disclosed to her relate to professional, company, or personal security, others to issues of national security. However, she realises that her business clients’ employers need progress reports from time to time, and she puts these together, and discusses them with her client before submitting them.
    o Discretion with Names: Dr Garfield keeps the names of her clients and the businesses she works with utterly confidential. You will never see a list of companies she has worked for, or hear of individuals she has worked with unless they tell you themselves.

  • Alliance:

    Dr Garfield establishes professionally intimate partnerships with her clients which enable them to recognise the nature of their own counter-productive and destructive patterns of behaviour. She encourages her clients to independently self-reflect, so that they can become adept at identifying and working on their own issues in between meetings with her. This approach also means that each client is well equipped with the skills they need to continue their progress after the work has completed.

  • Authenticity, honesty and integrity:

    Dr Garfield compassionately provides starkly honest feedback to each of her clients, feedback which challenges clients to recognise their blind spots and the areas in which they are habitually defensive, so that they can permanently resolve the issues behind these behaviours. She continues to tackle these areas of defensiveness for as long as her client needs, and does so with caring relentlessness and integrity.